What? Massive, all ages community coastal clean-up event.
When? Saturday 2 January, 2010
Where? Te Tairawhiti / East Coast, (based in Gisborne), NZ.

Hundreds of volunteers working along 270km’s of beautiful coastlines have removed nearly 12 tonnes of rubbish from our beaches and coastal areas.  What an effort!  And we were there to help.

With that many people working in the summer heat we knew hydration was important, so we delivered approx 4200 servings of water to keep everyone going and to keep things as green as possible it was all dished out in compostable cornstarch cups.

It was an awesome event with great spirit and we were proud to be a part of it.

Sam Judd, Co-Founder of Sustainable Coastlines had this to say:

“It was very kind of you to provide the product and it went well, especially in combination with the compostable PLA cups, made from corn starch.

It was clear to everyone who participated that Water in a Box is a far better way to run events- especially considering the amount of plastic bottles that we pick up from the coastlines!

On the whole, our event was a huge success.  We covered 270km of coastline with hundreds of families participating, aged from 1yr to 75.  In total, we removed nearly 12 tonnes of rubbish from the area between Mahia and Hicks Bay/Te Araroa in one day.  The following days there was a very strong nor-west wind blowing, which meant that we prevented a huge amount of plastic from going into the ocean.

The community really got together on the event, which has given us a lot of energy to make it an annual occasion.

Thanks again for your support.”

For more on this great organisation click here

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