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  • Nov15


    BPA or Bisphenol A is used primarily to make plastics, and products containing Bisphenol A-based plastics have been in use for more than 50 years.

    Originally the USA’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said BPA was safe. Since then, however, the FDA has acknowledged concerns about the potential effects of BPA on the brain. Read More | Comments

  • Feb16

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    “Water in a Box – AMAZING! This is the best tasting water I’ve tried in a long time – and for those who know me – that’s saying something as i find it really hard to get the standard “8 cups a day” down as I’m really not a water-fan but this makes it easy! It’s soft on the pallet without that harsh taste most waters on the market have and as i have the box on my desk – it’s very handy! I now have no excuse and will continue to enjoy Water in a Box every day!”

    Sarah DeVilliers National Account Manager – Mediaworks

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  • Jan21

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    Thats right, we are out and about this summer! Our funky new wagon in all it’s blue glory will be touring the beaches and streets this summer and attending various events.

    Keep an eye out for it.  If you see it, don’t be shy come up and say gidday, we’ll have heaps of water on board and will be happy to give you a taste of the best thing to happen to you and your environment.  We also love to chat :) Read More | Comments

  • Dec20

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    Analyse Me!

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    rippleThe quality of our water speaks for itself.  50 years of volcanic rock filtration and then underground storage for an average period of 1800 years has produced a super soft water with essential elements for good health and wellbeing.

    Go ahead, check the stats…

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  • Dec16


    Water in a Box has been created to provide you with high quality water in one of the most environmentally friendly packaging systems available today.  There are no bottles which means less plastic and less waste. In fact there is over 80% less plastic when compared to the equivalent water volume in plastic bottles or plastic containers.  Now that’s got to be better for the environment.

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